mercredi 18 mars 2009

sayo-the girl friend of KAZU

In the story of FUTAGO, i recently decided to put one more character
who supposed to be the girl friend of KAZU (the wild one of the twins).
When i wrote the scenario,the only key female charcater supposed to be
the princess ,her strange relationship with KAZU was a bit a idea of love
and hate,both strong characters comin from the same world (the nobles
lords feodal class).To put a woman in the middle give a interesting angle
in term of story -telling (jealousy,challenge and differences of social class)

thats why i decide to create sayo the 2nd love of KAZU.

Enjoy :-)

samedi 14 mars 2009

princess myako

some research for the princess.
not sure about her face,keep strugglin aarghh...

back to work

mercredi 11 mars 2009

bandits & ronins

again some vilains for the story of futago...i think i'm gonna ink
just like this for the complete series.actually i finished to write the entire
3 season's ...its gonna be a classic series for a format of 46 pages.
now has we know its difficult to find the right publisher for my project ;-)
anyway i'll find one ....GASP !

mercredi 4 mars 2009

sketches/good n' vilains.

still workin around the character who could be in the universe
of futago !
i'm still stuck with that princess...i didn't find the right shape.
maybe because i love the way it is...mmmhh not sure.
yazu n' kazu the futago (twins) have their personnality.
down right the page ,i made a scar on his face for make him more
wild then his elder brother ,who got a funny elvis haircut...
for the other character i'm not all satisfy yet...

still on process.
next step is to make a short story board introducing yazu against
bandits on the road...a classic approach but i think a very hardway
to do,its a good exercise.