dimanche 30 août 2009


the title NUKITSUKE mean in this case : draw his sword ,term use in martial art iaidô.

vendredi 28 août 2009

cover research for 365 samurai/DARKHORSE comics book

Voilà deux couvertures d'essai que je n'ai pas gardé pour la couv final du book 365 samouraï.
C'est souvent un exercice laborieux et intéressant à la fois de trouver le bon ton . j'aimais bien le dynamisme qui sort de ces deux illus ,mais elles ne collaient pas avec l'idée d'une couverture qui marque l'esprit !

Here is two research covers ,i didn't keep them for the final cover for 365 samurai book.
i think its a hard exercice n' also interesting too to search the right balance for get close from what we' v got in mind during the drawing process.I do like the dynamic of thoses sketches, but they dont fit with the idea of a good cover who can attract your eyes and capture your spirit.

lundi 17 août 2009

SAN DIEGO comic con international 2009

Hi everyone ,i just came back from u.s after make a little tour in san francisco ,and new york seeimg friends ,am back in town ;-) so i share some of my GREAT TIMES at the COMIC CON few pics of the convention center !! and the dream :-) posing in front of the cover of the u.s version ,365 samurai ,all the people at dark-horse comics are just really kind and very nice people ! it was just a superb experience to meet all those talented and great artists everywhere!!

more pics comin up before i get back to my desk and post some new stuff :-) !!
see ya all