lundi 17 août 2009

SAN DIEGO comic con international 2009

Hi everyone ,i just came back from u.s after make a little tour in san francisco ,and new york seeimg friends ,am back in town ;-) so i share some of my GREAT TIMES at the COMIC CON few pics of the convention center !! and the dream :-) posing in front of the cover of the u.s version ,365 samurai ,all the people at dark-horse comics are just really kind and very nice people ! it was just a superb experience to meet all those talented and great artists everywhere!!

more pics comin up before i get back to my desk and post some new stuff :-) !!
see ya all

2 commentaires:

jefferson costa a dit…

obrigado pelo comentario em meu blog.
futago está lindo.
gosto do equilibrio das paginas em preto e branco.

Eugenio Enrique a dit…

Great! for sure, an amazing experience! congrats kalonji!