dimanche 19 juillet 2009

COMICON SAN DIEGO 09 / 365 samurai & few bowls of rice

dear followers and friends i'll be out from the 21th of july t'ill the 7 th of august.If you passin by california san diego during the COMICON FEST 09 this week , you will see me at the darkhorse booth on saturday ,from 5:00pm to 6:00pm ! heee aaaah :-) am so happy !!! hope to see you there.
and thanks for the support !

i will carry some copies of two self published short graphic- novel preview :

thanks to all who follow or visit this blog and post comments.

jp kalonji

6 commentaires:

eco a dit…

il tue ce Tee jipi!!! qui l'edite?
je reviens pour un mois en janvier,on aura peut-etre l'occaz de se choper sur un festival,tu s'ras a angouleme?

kalonji a dit…

yooo de man eco wassup ?!!janvier yes ,j'espère que je serai à angoulême.
merci pour le big up du tees !
c'est mpn poto ted qui l'a réalisé. le book de 365 sort chez darkhorse aux states ,début décembre 2009. avant les fêtes.

et toi comment vas tu ?

Jeremy Cardarelli a dit…

I love your stuff, I think it's really excellent the colors the style everything!!

kalonji a dit…

thanks a lot jeremy i' appreciate :-)

Kendra Melton a dit…

that shirt is AMAZING! Great concept, i love it!

badninja a dit…

Hey I have a question, how did you get that action figure and beautiful box?