dimanche 27 septembre 2009

FUTAGO comics project.studies

I'm very excited to realize my series FUTAGO ,am back ' i take a little break with my shinobi warrior to go back on the main PROJECT !but its a long process, of course ,i'm still on research process for more characters who will be maybe be a part of the trilogy .The two twins YAZU & KAZU are already design on my head...i will post some of the sketches and fight gestures soon here his few faces of maybe samurai or land lords i dunno yet ...

thks for follow



jeudi 10 septembre 2009

DEDICACES FESTIVAL BD DE GISORS france,le 12,13 septembre 2009.

salut à tous ,je pars aujourd'hui à GISORS au 13 eme bd festival, dans ( l'eure )non loin de paris, pour ceux qui savent ou c'est :-) je dédicaces les albums que j'ai posté ! sinon rendez vous lundi prochain pour de nouvelles aventures sur le blog,avec des z'olies dessins voui voui !! c'est promis !
bon travail à tous.

bon weekend à tous et merci pour vos visites et commentaires



Dear followers,colleagues,friends,ect.. am out for the weekend t'ill monday the 14th of sept. am invited in a small but nice comics festival in north of france ,THE PLACE IS called GISORS. and the organizers are very very friendly people and passionate too ! i'm going there with a bunch of friends from lyon ( the KCS TEAM ) ! i will signed the following book ( see cover comics i posted,you can order them ,in my website nethoprod.com,or for comixburo pass through their links. thks !)
SO I WISH YOU ALL a great weekend!! lots of fun and a creative journey for those who will work ,or chill ...

see ya on monday the 14th for more pics ,yes i'll promess :-)


thanks for your comments who push me to do my best !




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