mardi 14 avril 2009


dear friends,

thanks for follow this blog and the universe of  futago ,sorry for this long absence,too much chocolate on easter :-) nah...kidding...i didnt post more pages of the storyboard for a good reason.
The news is that i decide to publish this short novel of 16 pages has a preview to the big comics comin up in a near future well i hope...
The preview of FUTAGO will be a limited-print at /500 copies black n'white included originals sketches (note: this future short novel wont be in the FUTAGO comicsbook.)
the first 100 copies will be signed.
sorry the first 500 copies will be print in french only. price CHF 15.-/ 9 euros/12 $ ...

there will be a special english version for the comicon fest 2009 san diego.

thanks to all 

for other infos please feel free to write me :