jeudi 17 septembre 2009

kurara the shinobi-comics for i-phone

this is one of the 1rst page of my next comics for i-phone in collab with locals friends here! the entire story will be on line on december the 3rd 2009 !

2 commentaires:

werther Dell'Edera a dit…

Hey! Thank you! Beautiful stuff here too. This iPhone panel is cool, can't wait to see this comic.
I really love samurai (and old japanese stuff) too.
Hokusai forever!

kalonji a dit…

yes for sure am glad to ear that you love (old japanese stuff )too .I will have a comics who be published in december the 2nd at darkhorse! it's called 365 samurai check it on there is a link:-) and YES !! HOKUSAI FOREVER.