vendredi 8 janvier 2010


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Fabian a dit…

Awesome work, Kalonji!! So few lines and SO Alive!!
Thank you so much for visiting me!! :)

EL Gato Negro a dit…

vos marques sont superbe!!!!

werther Dell'Edera a dit…

This is AWESOME! It's a paint, a black and white paint. Beautiful.

365 samurai
got it, read it, LOVE it!
You are great, I want more of your samurai stories.

kalonji a dit…

FABIAN : in the beginning i was'nt so sure of this drawing...and i decided to trash a little bit my brush pen , for giving that effect, ,well i'm glad you liked :-)

EL GATO NEGRO : merci beaucoup !

WERTHER : thank you a thousand times for order 365 samurai i'm happy you liked :-)) well i wish to do more of these , i 'm workin on the KURARA shinobi warrior i-phone comics who 'v been pretty late now, but i'll post some new stuff soon , thanks again !
keep up the good work i love your black white stuff its so sharp !!

rad sechrist a dit…

That is too cool!

kalonji a dit…

thks rad ;-)