dimanche 8 août 2010

back to work

Hi every one , i just come back from the U.S with lots of news ideas !!
i'm really impatient to start to work on the next volume of 365 samurai ^^
YEs its a great news!! a volume 2 of 365 samurai :-) thank you DHCS .

I would like to thanks all of readers and people who support my artwork and those who had the possibilities to visit me at the darkhorse booth during the comic con.

i've made few skechtes during my trip there.i will post some of them not all ^^

Well enjoy and thks to follow this blog who will be now only focus on the artwork of NINGEN adventures .

peace to all


2 commentaires:

Enef a dit…

Très beau boulot ces croquis! C'est un plaisir!

kalonji a dit…

mais merci beaucoup ^^