jeudi 12 janvier 2012

Aki-the season spirit

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Craig Phillips a dit…

Great! I love that first panel of the girl laying on the ground. Great work Kalonji!

Fabian a dit…

Its looking great Kalonji!!
Will The Strangers be available this month? Have an amazing day my friend! :)

kalonji a dit…

Craig :

I just switch the image ...the woman is down the panel :-) !!

Fabian :

The strange is not release yet sorry... be patient !

Fabian a dit…

Sorry, my friend, i wrote "The Strangers", those are the evil guys from Dark City movie :)
Is cool Kalonji, I am patient for i know it will be beyond amazing :)

baphea a dit…

J'ose pas dire le plaisir que j'ai eu en voyant ta case avec les arbres <3

kalonji a dit…

Baphea : mais si voyons ,il faut osé :-)) !!