mercredi 8 août 2012

Damn you tendinitis !!

Ouch ...3 weeks of rest least .... DAMN inflamed tendon... my right hand ( drawing )
however it's not a pleasant news ... so see you very soon when i'll feel better and able to draw again.
 Thanks to all of you outhere who inspire me and also push me .
Thank you for stop by and let some comments on my blog. 
peace  jpk

4 commentaires:

Capitán Latinoamérica a dit…

J'espère que tu vas te remettre très vite.
Salutations depuis l'Espagne

Ian MacDonald a dit…

NOOOOOOO!!!! Get better soon man!!!

kalonji a dit…

thanks a lot for your strong support guys i really appreciated !

trevor claxton a dit…

Get steve maxwell's joint mobility stretching vids! it has kept me from getting tendonitis again we want more art!
the hand wrist and forearm series is better than physical therapy