mercredi 21 octobre 2009


dear followers n' friends i'll be out until the 22th of october t'ill the 28th for post new stuff.i'm going to the comics festival of st malo all the weekend.i'm on my way tomorow already ^^i'm glad and happy to go there meet again all the great comics artists and have fun with old folks ,st malo is no doubt one of the most enjoy the beautifull view of the beautifull old town of this notorious french pirates coast ,and discover some of good locals restaurant .I specially love st malo because i meet a person who become a good friend ted mathot, and we use to hang out with the notorious pierre alary ,gettin drunk and all that ...
however i'll be at the stand of COMIXBURO co-edited by attakus and the great olivier vatine! and also in the stand of AKILEOS ;-)

to all who passin by and let me comment or not ! thank you for your time and your kind words and remenber to enjoy n' stay creative ! its a bless

peace to all


jp kalonji

ps : i will sign all those books there/ including some of my own publishing -house.

3 commentaires:

Gulzar a dit…

WWOOOOOOWWWHHH~! damn I wish I was there...

I love the new collection of your works...they are really great!

How have you been?
Keep in touch friend!


anima-base a dit…

Wow. your artwroks are very stunning. I love it

Fabian a dit…

Wish i had my book signed by you, but still i will get to enjoy your work. Hey, you were wth Olivier Vatine?? I love his work too!! He should have ablog. :)